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● Anim.Al.See Project. Alternative methods in animal experimentation: evaluating scientic, ethical and social issues in the 3Rs contex.
Final report and recommendations [englanniksi]

Fincopan aloite asiantuntijatyöryhmän perustamiseksi laatimaan kansallista ohjelmaa eläinkokeille vaihtoehtoisten menetelmien käytön edistämiseksi [PDF]

eSI ecopa science initiative [PowerPoint]. 16th -18th of October 2008 there was a new eSI (ecopa Science Initiative) in Alicante, Spain. The meaning of this event was to have new, young scientists meet with older, more experienced scientists.

Maa-ja metsätalousministeriön työryhmämuistio MMM 2006:17:
Eläinkokeille vaihtoehtoisten menetelmien koordinaatio ja yhteistyö Suomessa [PDF-tiedosto]

Euroopan unioni (EU), Euroopan neuvosto (EN) ja Maailman eläinterveysjärjestö (OIE) ovat antaneet yhteisen julkilausuman eläinsuojelusta Euroopassa, Strasbourg 24.11.2006
(Vapaa käännös ja lyhennös: RiittaSalmi)
Eläinsuojelun saavutuksia ja tulevaisuudennäkymiä listaavalla julkilausumalla pyritään parempaan yhteistyöhön kaikilla eläinten hyvinvoinnin alueilla. Julistus hyväksyttiin EN:n isännöimässä kansainvälisessä kokouksessa, jolla tähdättiin lainsäädännön ja sen käytännön soveltamisen välisen kuilun ylittämiseen. Kokoukseen osallistui hallitusten ja eläinlääketieteen edustajia 50 maasta.
Julistuksellaan mainitut organisaatiot sitoutuvat keskinäiseen yhteistyöhön ja avunantoon kaikessa eläinsuojeluun liittyvässä, lainsäädännön laatimisesta ja eläinlääkäreiden ym. ammattilaisten kouluttamisesta yleisen tietoisuuden herättämiseen eläinsuojelun yhteiskunnallisesta merkityksestä. Eläinten hyvinvoinnin turvaamista riittävän tieteellisen asiantuntemuksen avulla painotetaan. Valtioita luvataan tehokkaasti auttaa eläinsuojelulakien, -standardien ja -ohjeistojen noudattamisessa, kehittämisessä ja täytäntöönpanossa kansallisella tasolla.
EN:n lakiasiain johtaja Guy de Vel korostaa EN:n pitkään jatkunutta yhteistyötä eläinsuojeluasioissa mm. eläinsuojelujärjestöjen, eläinlääkäreiden ja etologien kanssa ja painottaa nyt saavutetun tärkeyttä: ”Konferenssin merkitystä ei pidä aliarvioida. Ensimmäistä kertaa kansainvälisillä järjestöillä ja sidosryhmillä (tutkijat, kansalaisjärjestöt ja hallitukset) on tilaisuus tuoda eläinsuojeluasiat eurooppalaisesta näkökulmasta maailmanlaajuiseen keskusteluun.”
Lisätietoa, linkki: http://ec.europa.eu/food/animal/welfare/index_en.htm

Replace Animal Experiments in Europe

Wendy Higgins, Communications & Media Director
Dr Hadwen Trust For Humane Research

On behalf of the Dr Hadwen Trust and the Humane Society International, we would like to thank you for the support you have given to the Replace Animal Experiments in Europe petition which was presented to the EU Petitions Committee on May 28th. Working co-operatively with organisations across Europe including Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, we gathered over 150,000 signatures. Together, we have clearly demonstrated to Europe’s politicians that the citizens they represent want to see urgent and meaningful action to progress the replacement of animal experiments as part of the revision of Directive 86/609/EEC.


The petition presentation was a key part of our expert briefing event – Replace Animal Experiments in Europe – at the European Parliament in Brussels. The event provided the ideal launch point for future initiatives in our ongoing work on the revision. We had some extremely interesting presentations from biomedical researchers, industry and policy makers and were able to clearly make the case for vastly increased funding and focus on replacement research. We set out a raft of measures that we believe would improve and consolidate Europe’s replacement development, including mechanisms achievable through the revision as well as non-legislative initiatives too.


Dr Jane Goodall DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, was an outstanding key note speaker. Her poignant reflections on animal sentiency and emotion, and her call for more high-status recognition of replacement research – including a Nobel Prize in Alternatives – provided the perfect introduction to the afternoon’s events.


The Dr Hadwen Trust’s Science Director, Dr Gill Langley, launched our new report – Towards a European Science Without Animal Experiments – and called for an EU-wide strategy to replace animals in experiments, including an EU Centre of Excellence expanding the work of ECVAM to include basic research, education etc as well as regulatory testing. She outlined the human health, scientific research and economic advantages of replacing animal experiments with advanced, non-animal techniques, and provided an overview of how such methods have improved research outcomes in a number of areas.

Detailed insights into the research advantages of non-animal approaches were provided by Professor Geoffrey Pilkington, Professor of Cellular & Molecular Neuro-oncology at the University of Portsmouth, nd Professor Irene Tracey, Director of Oxford University’s Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB).

Our joint petition was enthusiastically received by Michael Cashman MEP, Vice Chair of the EU Petitions Committee, who congratulated us on both the impressive volume and substance of our petition. We look forward to progressing the petition through to the next stage, a formal hearing by the Committee, at which it will be possible to present additional experts.

At the outset, it was our firm intention to demonstrate public support for replacing animals with non-animal techniques through the revision of Directive 86/609. With a successful petition presentation, and the high profile national and international media coverage that our event generated, we have sent a clear message about what we believe can and should be achieved for the benefit of people and animals.

We now intend to build on this foundation, with future lobbying and campaign initiatives. First, of course, we need to increase pressure on the Commission to finally produce the draft legislation for which we have all been waiting so long. The Dr Hadwen Trust, now members of Eurogroup for Animals, and the Humane Society International will continue to work together where an effective alliance is needed to take initiatives forward.

We also look forward to working again with all the groups who took part in making the petition such a success, as well as our other friends across Europe. Throughout the revision process, a united voice and a coordinated approach will be absolutely vital to our joint success. Through this work we are developing a growing network of effective and pro-active animal protection organisations across Europe, with whom there is genuine co-operation for the achievement of our common goal.

Let me take this opportunity to direct you towards the newly launched website www.endeuanimaltests.org where you can download our new report. If you were unable to join us at the event, a copy of the report is being posted to you. You will shortly be able to download photos, video and speech transcripts from the event from the above website. If anyone would like to receive images by email immediately, please get in touch. We will be further developing this site over the coming weeks and months to become a useful resource for the 86/609 initiative, containing legislative drafts, amendments, campaign and action alerts and news reports.



The Dr Hadwen Trust is the UK’s leading medical research charity funding exclusively non-animal research techniques to replace animal experiments, benefiting people and animals.