FIN3R Centre Replacement workshop 24.10.2022  :

You are warmly welcome to a one-day workshop to follow state-of-the-art Replacement activities in Finland and to join in drafting an action plan for the coming years; what is needed and what FIN3R Centre should do. Although the area we will tackle is Replacement i.e. all non-animal methods and strategies, everyone is invited to the University of Helsinki, Porthania, 24.10.2022 9-15 o´clock. You can find the program of the workshop below.

Also remote participation to the workshop is possible. All participants are requested to register by 17.10.2022. You can find more information on the FIN3R Centre, the workshop and the registration form in here.

In case of further questions, please contact Tuula Heinonen (tuula.heinonen@tuni.fi).



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